November 17, 2021


 Our district will be partnering with Maine Public Health Nursing to host a Covid-19 vaccination clinic on November 30th at Harrington Elementary School from 9am - 4pm. The second dose clinic will be held on December 21st at the same time and place.

Only individuals with a completed consent will be vaccinated. If you do not want your child vaccinated, please disregard this notice. This clinic is offered to all staff, students, and their families. Interested students ages 5-18 will receive the Pfizer vaccine series. For all of those over the age of 18, Pfizer, Moderna and J&J will be available as well as booster shots for those who need them. If you would like a booster, please bring your Covid vaccination card with you. To be eligible for a booster, you will need to have been 6 months past your last dose of vaccine, or 2 months if you received the J&J.

To be sure we have enough vaccine available for everyone, please notify your child’s school ASAP so that we can get an estimate for the clinic. Please also fill out the attached consent form, review the EUA fact sheets (links below) and then return to school by Monday, November 22nd. If you need more consent forms, let your child’s school know. Parents please note: On the consent form, it asks you to indicate if you want to be present when your child receives their vaccine. Please answer this. If left blank, your child will not receive the vaccine. Parents/Guardians are welcome and encouraged to be present during vaccination if they would like to be. Transportation from the schools to the clinic will be provided for those who need it.

A Spanish copy of the consent form was not available from the CDC at the time of this announcement. For assistance completing this form in Spanish, please call Mandi Anderson, vaccine coordinator for Mano en Mano at (207) 800-5416.

 For any questions regarding this clinic, please call Amanda Tozier at 598-5766.

 EUA (emergency use authorization) fact sheet for each of vaccine 



 Ages 5-11 SPANISH

 Ages 12+ SPANISH



 12 and +




 The consent form can be downloaded from the following link: